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Marisol Echegoyen is a Modern Mexican-Folk Fusion Vocalist who has been active in the music industry since 2011. She has performed in events sponsored by the National Council for Culture and Arts of Mexico (CONACULTA) and the National Institute of Fine Arts (INBA). Her work in the contemporary jazz scene in Mexico, such as the International Jazz Day, UAM -X Jazz Festival and The World Music and Dance Festival, has earned her a place as one of the most acclaimed artists in Mexico. 

Marisol has experience performing in multiple genres and styles of music. She has worked with multiple GRAMMY-winning artists including The Zac Brown Band, Jacob Collier, Arnie Roth, Craig Hella Johnson, Pablo Ziegler as a vocalist and as lead singer in Oscar Stagnaro's band Peru Mestizo. She has performed at prominent venues in Massachusetts like The Boston City Hall, The Fenway Park, Boston Symphony Hall, Agganis Arena and the Berklee Performance Center to mention a few.


She has been a recording artist as a soloist and supporting vocalist in albums such as: Songs Children Sing, and documentaries like The Farmers of America: Rebuilding , EMMY-winning  Imagination Off the Charts: Jacob Collier Comes to MIT and Zac Brown Band: The Road.


In 2015 she was awarded a talent-based Berklee North American Tour Scholarship  and the Guadalupe Endowed Scholarship  to do her bachelor’s degree at the globally renowned  Berklee College of Music; there she received the Berklee Achievement Grant. In 2019 she graduated with a B.M. in Professional Music.



Marisol Echegoyen es una artista originaria de la Ciudad de México que ha cantado en eventos patrocinados por el Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes y Conaculta, habiéndose presentado en múltiples festivales de jazz y auditorios importantes  como el Auditorio Blas Galindo.

Marisol se ha presentado con artistas destacados que han sido nominados a los Grammys y Latin Grammys, entre ellos se encuentran: The Zac Brown Band, Jacob Collier, Arnie Roth, Craig Hella Johnson, Pablo Ziegler y Oscar Stagnaro. Se ha presentado en lugares importantes en Boston como: Boston City Hall, Fenway Park, Agganis Arena, Boston Symphony Hall, The Hard Rock Café, The Beat Brasserie, The Beehive, La Fabrica Central y Berklee Performance Center.


Marisol ha grabado en múltiples singles, albums y documentales como: Songs Children Sing, The Farmers of America: Rebuilding , ganador del EMMY Imagination Off the Charts: Jacob Collier Comes to MIT y Zac Brown Band: The Road.


En 2015 le otorgaron una beca basada en talento para estudiar la licenciatura en una de las escuelas de música más importantes del mundo: Berklee College of Music. Adicionalmente se le otorgó la Guadalupe Endowed Scholarship y el Berklee Achievement Grant  por su excelente rendimiento académico. En 2019 se graduó y obtuvo la licenciatura de Professional Music .

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