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Voice lessons are available online for students ages 15 and up. Younger students may be granted an exception in a case by case basis. For more information and/or to book a lesson please email:

Las clases de canto están disponibles para personas mayores de 15 años. Se podrán hacer excepciones a discreción de la maestra. Para más información y/o agendar una clase favor de escribir a:



Marisol always supports me as I develop my voice. I have so much fun with her, and she always gives me confidence and encouragement. She is a great teacher! - 


My daughter has worked with Marisol for over two and a half years. Marisol is a passionate and dedicated vocal teacher who is extremely supportive, provides effective techniques and strategies, and always enthusiastic. My daughter looks forward to each lesson, and the improvement in her voice has been tremendous. I am so grateful that Marisol has come into my daughter's life!


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